Fifth Grade's Weekly Newsletter
The Atlantic Ocean scenery for "The Mystery of the Missing Jewel Fish"

April 1, 2011

Ms. Pam Green, Room V


Wishing all of you a wonderful spring break with just the right amount of relaxation and excitement! Enjoy your trips to San Diego, Mammoth, and other exciting places. Be safe and have a great time!


Thank you for joining the middle school teachers and me for conferences on Thursday and Friday. It was a pleasure sharing your child's progress with you, and please feel free to contact me anytime with concerns, questions, etc. regarding your child.

JAPAN DRIVE & BOOK DRIVE (April 11 - April 15)

The Student Council is sponsoring a Dollar Drive for Japan in a Kids-Helping-Kids Campaign when we return from spring break. The students are encourage to do chores around the house to earn dollars to help the children of earthquake and tsunami damaged areas of Japan. The goal is for each student to donate $5 to this drive. There will be a collection box located in the cafe during lunch time. Thank you for the support and guidance from the Alberts family on organizing this special drive. Please help us reach 100% participation. Thank you!

Also during this week, the Book Drive continues. Please have your child look through their bookshelves at home to see if there are any gently used books to donate. So far our class has donated 54 books, and that's from only 5 donors! THANK YOU as always for your generosity.

GALA PROJECT in progress... Gala_Project12.jpg

Thank you to Cathy Allen, Connie Barry, and Carol Samman for organizing and providing an opportunity to create a spectacular Gala Project for the auction this year. The students had a great time, and as usual, they surpassed all our grown-up imaginations with their creativity. This project will be AWESOME! You won't want to miss it at the Gala! (Spoiler alert... There will be few photos of our progress at the end of this page.) Thank you, Carol, for the delicious cinnamon twists! Yummy!


It's time to start thinking about a costume for your child (and you) for the Ancient Civilization Festival in May. Teri Bailey has put together a wonderful list of places and websites to visit in search of ideas for homemade costumes and/or store bought ones. Thank you so much for this helpful information, Teri!


On Wednesday afternoon, all students (K-8) were treated to an hour of fun called Field Day. The 5th grade joined their 2nd grade buddies for some games inspired by our current Ancient Worlds @ CHA Focus, "How do we play?". The games included Falling Sticks, Lions & Gazelles, Civilization Battle Ball, and more. Ask your child which game they enjoyed most. It was so much fun that our only complaint was the time went by too quickly.

field_day01.jpg field_day02.jpg field_day04.jpg field_day05.jpg field_day06.jpg field_day07.jpg field_day10.jpg field_day09.jpg


After completing their research about "real" fish, this week the students created their "literal" fish to help tell the story of "The Mystery of the Missing Jewel Fish." The students also created background scenery and brief character biographies to help in the production of this short film. When we return from Spring Break, narrators will be selected and we will work together with Mike Gillinger's help to film the story. We hope to share our film with you some day soon!

Creating_fish01.jpg Creating_fish02.jpg Creating_fish03.jpg Creating_fish04.jpg Creating_fish05.jpg Creating_fish06.jpg Creating_fish09.jpg Creating_fish08.jpg Creating_fish10.jpg Creating_fish11.jpg Creating_fish12.jpg fish_again03.jpg fish_again05.jpg fish_again06.jpg fish_again08.jpg fish_again10.jpg fish_again15.jpg fish_again16.jpg fish_again18.jpg fish_again19.jpg fish_again21.jpg fish_again24.jpg

Looking Ahead...

Language Arts:

  • The students will begin reading Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. This delightful story follows the adventures of a young orphan in search of his father.
  • The grammar focus will be Parts of Speech.

Social Studies:

  • In cooperative groups, the students will read and summarize an entire chapter to teach to their classmates, creating a Power Point or Keynote presentation.
  • Chapters 11 - 15 will be reviewed.


  • In preparing for filming on Wednesday, the students will rehearse "The Mystery of the Missing Jewel Fish."
  • Next up... the Laws of Motion and a whole lotta fun!


  • Please click on Math Course 2 - Ms. Green OR Mr. Gerrity's Math News on the side menu bar.

Ancient Egypt News:

  • It's time to get serious. Finalizing our booth activity will be first on our agenda.

Other Announcements & Reminders:

Saturday, April 2 - Sunday, April 10th - SPRING BREAK

Wednesday, April 13th - Ronald Reagan Library Field Trip, 11:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Friday, April 15th - Buddy Day

Gala Project in progress photos:

Gala_Project01.jpg Gala_Project02.jpg Gala_Project03.jpg Gala_Project04.jpg Gala_Project05.jpg Gala_Project06.jpg Gala_Project07.jpg Gala_Project08.jpg Gala_Project09.jpg Gala_Project10.jpg
just some of the completed tiles... whatever will they make???