¡Buenos Días!

My name is Holly Barnhill and I am the Spanish teacher for Preschool through 4th grades. It has been a delight to get to know your children and I am looking forward to the year! I am confident your children will enjoy their Spanish classes as I infuse learning with lots of games and exercises to reinforce what is taught. Read my posting below so that you may know what your children are studying this month in their Spanish class!

January Update

This month students will review vocabulary and expressions related to the weather and seasons and will learn the words for many common classroom objects

Pre-S through 1st graders will review previously learned names for colors, numbers, and types of weather. They will learn new vocabulary related to body parts, particularly the face.

2nd and 3rd graders will review previously learned vocabulary and expressions and will be introduced to vocabulary related to the classroom.

4th graders will begin Unit 2 of their textbooks, which focuses on animals and colors and greater use of conversational phrases.