This week our math class focused on improper fractions and mixed numbers. The children learned to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and improper fractions to mixed numbers!

Geometry and art continued to be a priority as the children worked on an art project involving geometric shapes by creating interesting patterns with compass, protractor, and line segments. The children have enjoyed the process of experimenting with different ideas as they try to create a mathematical piece of art!

The children were asked to look at the different combinations of two scoops of ice cream from 4 different ice cream flavors. During class on Friday, the children learned a mathematical pattern to answer questions of this type. As a test, the children discovered that there are 496 different combinations of a two scoop cone from 31 Flavors! Ask them to show you how they discovered this!

Finally, the children continue to work on mental math problems each day. The children are using logic and estimation skills to discover answers to problems only using their brain!