1-28-11 Middle School News


Middle School Newsletter

Hello, Middle School Families,

What a week for students and teachers at Chatsworth Hills Academy!

Our 5th and 6th grade students participated in the Knowledge Master Open Competition two weeks ago and the results are in. Chatsworth Hills Academy placed 4th in the state of California with 616 points! Our students answered 90 out of 100 questions correctly. Only one other team answered more (91) than CHA! Points are awarded for correct answers and bonus points are given for answering quickly. Congratulations to all our 5th and 6th grade students for their outstanding participation and teamwork! The next competition for 5th and 6th grade is scheduled for March 23, and the 7th/8th grade competition is scheduled for April 20th.

On Wednesday after school, Middle School teachers took a "field trip" to the Griffith Park Observatory to participate in a pre-field trip in-service for our scheduled visit for our 6th-8th grade students in April. The program, Light of the Valkyries, will take the students on a voyage of Viking cosmology and explores the true nature of the aurora borealis - the northern lights. The Vikings believed the northern lights were valkyries, warrior spirits who descended from heaven to take fallen heroes from the battlefield to Valhalla, the palace of the gods. The students will will explore and interdisciplinary unit of music, art, and science on this exciting trip. All of this and a cosmic light show set to one of the iconic pieces of music of all time, Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries."

Ms. Green and our fifth grade students hosted the fourth graders during a "Step-Up" morning on Thursday. Fifth grade students were treated to a 10 minute slide show of life in the 5th grade and then a question and answer time took place. Fourth graders came ready with thoughtful questions to ask the current 5th grade students about life as a Middle School student. Important questions about lockers, P.E. uniforms, and Electives were asked, as well as serious questions about content and curriculum. Our 5th grade students were impressive as they helped "paint the picture" of how exciting life in Middle School will be!

On Friday, the entire Middle School left the campus after 3rd period and ventured to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza to witness the magical talent of the Chinese Acrobats. Our children were spell-bound by the artistry, whimsy, and talent of nearly 40 of the most skilled and graceful "athletes" on our planet. The students were amazed by a group of tumblers diving through hoops, women jugglers using their hands (and feet!), a group of girls who danced and performed while spinning plates on long poles, and so much more. What a great ending to a wonderful week!


Tim Gerrity and the Middle School Faculty and Staff

Upcoming Events for Middle School Students and Parents:

1/31 Pennies for Patients (Week two)
2/3 Semester Report Cards Mailed
2/4 February Spirit Assembly (8:30 am)