CHA Athletics

Check out some great photos of our CHA Boys Basketball team in action last week. Thanks to Phil Blowey for sharing these super shots! You can see more at his Shutterfly site: action/welcome?sid= 0Bat2zlm2bMXpA

2-10_CHA_BB1.jpg 2-10_CHA_BB2.jpg 2-10_CHA_BB5.jpg 2-10_CHA_BB4.jpg 2-10_CHA_BB6.jpg 2-10_CHA_BB7.jpg 2-10_CHA_BB3.jpg 2-10_CHA_BB8.jpg

With all the rain we've had in the last couple weeks, our after school Athletics Program has had to make quite a few schedule changes. Please take a look below at the day-by-day schedule of games for the week of Feb. 1-5. Come and support our Basketball and Soccer players if you can!

Monday, February 1
5th Grade Boys Basketball vs. Northridge Pinecrest 3:30
4/5th Girls Soccer @ Thousand Oaks Pinecrest 3:45 (Make-up Original
Game 1/25/10)
6A Boys Basketball @ Heschel 3:30 (Make-up Game 1/20/10)

Tuesday, February 2
5th Grade Boys Basketball @ AGBU 3:00
4th Grade Boys Basketball @ AGBU 4:00
6-8th Grade Girls Soccer vs. Phoenix Ranch @ CHA 3:30 (Make-up
Original Game 1/13/10)

Wednesday, February 3
8th Grade Junior Varsity Basketball vs. Faith Baptist 2:30/3:30 (2:30
Make-up Original Game 1/19/10)
6-8th Grade Girls Soccer @. Van Nuys Pinecrest 3:45
6A Boys Basketball @ CHIME 3:30 (Make-up Original Game 1/22/10)
4/5th Girls Soccer Practice 3:15-4:45

Thursday, February 4
8th Grade Junior Varsity Basketball vs. Van Nuys Pinecrest 3:45
4/5th Grade Girls Soccer vs. Pinecrest Simi Valley 3:45
4th Grade Boys Basketball vs. Pinecrest Simi Valley 2:30

Friday, February 5
8th Grade Varsity Basketball @ Van Nuys Pinecrest 3:45 (Make-up
Original Game 1/21/10)