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Middle School News
Mrs. Shelley Bloom & Mr. Tim Gerrity
Middle School Celebrates Friendship and our American Indian heritage

Our Advisory groups worked on a collaborative project this month, creating their Group Shields, reflecting our USA@CHA theme. The focus for each section of the shield, created in the shape of a star, was based on our Core Values and the American Indian Chumash traditions. The Advisories participated in an inter-group activity and had the opportunity to share their Shields and discuss the meaning behind their images. Friendship was celebrated by an exchange of hand made message buttons personalized for a buddy in another Advisory. On Friday, they exchanged buttons, shared sentiments about friendship, and we all celebrated with treats!


Mid-Semester Reports
Mid-Semester Progress Reports will be emailed on Monday, October 15

Area High Schools Set to Visit CHA Middle School
CHA places its graduates in some of the finest independent private schools in Southern California. These schools know the caliber of our students and how prepared they are do well in high school. During this fall semester, students are able to meet Admissions Directors from these schools in a personalized way on our campus. During lunch, our students are able to listen to what each school has to offer them in academics, athletics, AP classes, student life, and more. Students are able to ask questions to insure the school would be a "match" for them.

This week, Viewpoint School came on campus and shared their school's history, philosophy, and what type of student would be attractive to them. Our students were well prepared with questions that obvious to the Admissions Director that our students know who they are, and know what they want in a high school.

Upcoming High School Visits
Tuesday, October 16th, Louisville and Crespi

Thursday, October 18th, Sierra Canyon
8th Grade students listen to the Admissions Director from Viewpoint School in Calabassas.
Dancing the Night Away at CHA!
Our First CHA Middle School Dance (6th-8th grades) will take place on Friday, October 26th from 7-10 p.m. The students will have an opportunity to attend a Halloween themed night of fun and dancing. The 7th grade is sponsoring this event and will provide refreshments and the Student Council will be decorating RST for the dance. The entertainment company, You Should Be Dancing, will provide the DJ and MC. Non-CHA guests are welcome for this event when accompanied by a CHA Middle School Student. Please, only one guest per student. The cost for a guest to attend is $10 and can be paid for at the door.

Please remind your student to dress appropriately for this event. No provocative clothing is allowed and no undergarments may be visible. The school has the right to determine if attire is considered "unacceptable" for the dance. Also, students may have their cell phones, but they are not to be used during the dance without the permission of a chaperone.

This should be a great event and look for the pictures in a future CHA-T.

5th Grade Social

Friday night the 5th grade gathered back at school to have a night of fun, food, and frivolity as they played games led by Mr. Gerrity and Mrs. Green. The parents provided pizza, subway sandwiches, snacks, drinks, and of course...Root Beer Floats. Thank you to Jill Kramer, Angie Roman, Renee Durlester, and everyone for their help in making this event a fun time.

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5th grade students play the team building game, Balloon Basketball. Each person on the team gets one "hit" and tries to make get the balloon into the basket. In the end, the girls team was the first to accomplish the goal!